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With God’s grace, Mrs. Regina Warren created the BEAUTIES project based on her passion to educate and stir up the natural gift found in each little beauty. 


BEAUTIES is a project dedicated to young girls, ages 9-13.  The project dwells on knowledge!  This information keeps the project relative in current youth issues; enhancing  discussions.  A detailed plan formulates an interactive, motivating, support system that the little beauties can contribute and gather  resources.  Scholastic trends and social media target public areas such as schools and religious centers.


BEAUTIES proudly creates an intimate setting focusing on FAITH, GRACE, and STYLE.  Understanding God's divine purpose for youth helps redirect negative emotions toward the positive truth by enhancing spiritual sensitivity.  The BEAUTIES team expands youth knowledge and awareness of God's greatest creation. 

Need to Buy Now
Quilted Hearts
Piles of Books
Fibre Optics
Cookie Box
Spread Love Poster 3
Row of Colored Pencils
Scented Candle
Laptop and Flowers
Reading Books Makes You Better
Blinding Diamonds
Chess Pieces Close-up
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